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London Parakeet

During the pandemic I had been popping to my local nature reserve before starting work at home. When it was announced we could start returning to the office I wanted to find a way I could still spend some time connecting with wildlife. I scanned the area around my workplace on Google maps to look at options and realised Camley Street Natural Park was just a short walkaway from the office. (I had forgotten all about Camley!) I had been to Camley Street Natural park before but I hadn't been as interested in wildlife at that point. I was really excited to go back now with my bird watcher head on :-)

Camley Street Natural Park is a small reserve next to Regents Canal. It has small ponds and a little seating area on a little deck on the canal which is great for watching ducks and geese.

On my first trip to Camley I spotted this Ring Necked parakeet (Psittacula Krameri) perched in a tree. Parakeets are pretty common in London, however it is still stunning to see one in an urban environment. With it's vibrant green feathers, bright red beak and loud vocals. It makes you feel like you are in an exotic country and not in central London.

Some people say that the Parakeet ended up in the wild in the UK because Jimi Hendrix released a pair in Carnaby street in the 1960's. Another theory was that they escaped the film set of 'The African Queen' however scientific research using investigative methods used for criminal profiling has disproved this theory. read about it here.

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