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Holdsworth House Hotel Art Competition 2023

Recently, my newfound passion for painting, particularly birds, took a slight change in direction. I recently had a go at painting my first landscape scene. A project I thoroughly enjoyed. This painting was created for the Holdsworth House Hotel Diamond anniversary competition, Holdsworth House Hotel has a fascinating history dating all the way back to 1633. Interestingly, the Beatles stayed there once!

Holdsworth House Hotel also served as the backdrop for the wedding in the acclaimed drama series 'Last Tango in Halifax,' a BAFTA-winning show that captured my attention completely. Authored by the talented Sally Wainwright, one of the judges for the competition, this series stars two of my favourite actors, Sarah Lancashire and Nicola Walker. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching it yet, I highly recommend checking it out on iPlayer, and for those in the US, it's available on Netflix.

Although my painting, titled "Diamond Moon," didn't make it to the final shortlist, I really enjoyed painting it. There were over 500 entries and the final shortlists has some incredible depictions of the house. Which you can vote for until 6th October here:

The inspiration for my painting struck me during the appearance of the recent supermoon, compelling me to portray the house in a dramatic moonlit ambiance to create drama and atmosphere.

Pic below painted with acrylics on canvas 40cmx40cm

Holdsworth House Hotel Painting by Kate Peskett
Diamond Moon

Side view of Painting Diamond Moon, depicting Holdsworth House Hotel in Moonlight
Diamond Moon Side View

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